As the title states anyways I crashed massively on Friday in my Xbox no problems ever, anyways I got stuck at the login screen so I power cycled the Xbox multiple times that didnít work, then I tried uninstalling the game that didnít work. So I got I log into Trion and report but I couldnít connect through my phone or computer. So that got me thinking I turned my Wi-Fi off on my phone and it worked perfectly to contact then so that got me thinking I tried my mobile hot spot and bam the game worked again perfectly. I logged and was stuck in the club world. So my assumption is this has to do with my external IP I tried static dynamic everything I portforwareded everything and still canít use my internet and no itís not crap cause all my other games and everything work perfectly just trove doesnít work donít know why. Except you guys maybe blocked my external ip because when the game crashed maybe you thought it was a attack? I wrote support, I wrote trove and Trionhelp on twitter messaged them through Instagram not a single response at all. I tried having someone invite me to the game didnít work tried joining someoneís game didnít work. Iím literally out of things to try..... I think I just came here to vent sigh