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Thread: Bomber Royal waiting time

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    Bomber Royal waiting time

    Hey good people, I was just wondering if it's normal to wait around 30 minutes or even more when only 5 people join the bomber royal room, it's very annoying, I feel like i'll never be able to play this game. I join the game mode using CTRL+B
    Tell me if you experience the same problem and thanks for all of your answers.

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    Do it tomorrow (saturday) and I promise you won´t have a hard time finding a game

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    The game can't start if noone joins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    The game can't start if noone joins.

    And nobody joins because it's horrible, almost everyone dislike it, normal pvp included.
    But devs keep trying to push it with rewards you get from it... its sad.
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