Will we be given the chance to get the rewards that are normally limited to the Hellbugs in Love quest some other way? Such as the Amorous Archer costume, Snug Lovebug Rug, Bashful Lovebug, and Wings of Love. And hopefully soon?

We have been waiting 8 months to have the emblems that were removed from the store to become available to us again, and every time someone asks we are just told that the will be in the future. Only two of those emblems have been made available in the 8 months since they were removed from store, and those 2 have been at Luxion 3 times, while the others have been completely unavailable.

Aside from the stuff that just became available with the U10 update yesterday, there is not much left that I still need to collect. Being restricted from having any chance of getting them is not sitting well with me or many other players in a the same situation.