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    Update 11 - Connectivity Issues - February 2019

    Update 12 - Feb. 11 - 1PM PST (9PM UTC) - It looks like the recent EU connectivity issues should be largely resolved. We performed maintenance last night (this morning in the EU) and have been monitoring closely all day.

    To give an example of the improvements we've seen, here is a graph of the delay between the NA and the EU data centers.

    You can see that since the maintenance things have been substantially more stable. As with anything, if you run into issues in the future please let us know and we'll get to work on sorting it out.

    Thanks for your patience, everyone!

    Update 11 - Feb. 10 - 12PM PST (8PM UTC) - Tonight at 11PM PST (7AM UTC) we will make additional network changes for our EU network center. There should be minimal impact on players, but around that time you may see an increase in load times.

    The good news is that this change, once completed, should show a noticeable improvement in performance for our EU players. Load times should come back down to normal, as they were prior to the start of these issues in December.

    The maintenance is not expected to eliminate all cases of lag in all situations, but it should let everyone have a much better experience than you've been seeing lately.

    Update 10 - Feb. 10 - 7AM PST (3PM UTC) - Hey all. Over the next couple hours we're doing some individual maintenance on a specific Xbox One server node that should have minimal impact for players. However, it's possible that you may see some increase in lag issues while the node is taken offline. Those issues shouldn't last very long and we'll update you when that maintenance is finished.

    There may be additional maintenance performed on other platforms later this evening as well. We'll post details if we get that second maintenance scheduled for today. Thanks!

    Update 9 - Feb. 8 - 8AM PST (4PM UTC) - The team is continuing to make improvements in the network to minimize the impact of the current connectivity issues. We do see that the issue will come and go, so there are still challenges to finding one silver bullet solution for it. It's still our top priority.

    Update 8 - 9AM PST (5PM UTC) - Hey everyone. The team was able to make some adjustments later that seem to have reduced some issues a bit, but there is more work to do, for sure. We're continuing to monitor and adjust things until you're having the best possible experience. Thanks for your ongoing patience.

    Update 7 - 7PM PST (3AM UTC) - No new details to share at the moment, unfortunately. The team is still working on these issues as our top priority. We'll post more updates when we have new details to share, but we won't be posting regular updates this evening, unless we have specific info to share.

    Update 6 - 4PM PST (12AM UTC) - Hey all, we're still investigating and tracking down details to help pinpoint the cause of these lingering connection issues. We'll continue to give regular updates, but still no estimate for when these issues will be resolved.

    Update 5 - 2:30 PM PST (10:30 PM UTC) - Thanks for your continued patience, everyone. We're still working to resolve lingering connectivity issues for some players. Expect more updates in an hour. Thank you.

    Update 4 - 12:10 PM PST (8:10 PM UTC) - The team hasn't resolved the underlying issue yet, but we're continuing to investigate. While we focus on that work we're going to get our next update in 2 hours, if we're not already back online.

    Update 3 - 11:15 AM PST (7:15 PM UTC) - Our teams are still working to get things up and running the way they should be. Please hang in there for us.

    Update 2 - 10:10 AM PST (6:10 PM UTC) - The team is still working to resolve these ongoing issues. Please hang in there while we work to get this sorted out.

    Update 1 - 9AM PST (5PM UTC) - We're still investigating the current connectivity issues, but haven't located the root cause yet. This is our top priority and everyone is working to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

    Hey, folks.

    The team is aware of the current issues causing slow world loading and other connection issues. We're investigating now, so please bear with us.

    No ETA yet for the solution, but we'll post regular updates in this thread during our investigation. If you're having trouble, please post a reply to this thread with your region and platform. For example: NA-PC of PS4-EU.

    We apologize for the frustration caused by these issues and will do everything we can to get them resolved for you.


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    I swear to god.. All these problems we face are always happening on days where our daily bonuses matter the most. Another Wednesday without lustrous boxes! Great
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    It really annoys me that I literally have to wait 10 minutes till i join the server and if I want to do a collection challenge I join the challenge when its already over....

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    EU - PC

    Just logging in isnt loading, entering world constant trying to load, to then losing connection.

    Update : Able to log in once in a while, however as soon as i leave a world / enter a new world, have to wait for me to log back in again

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    I cannot log into the game although the login process is ok, it always times out

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    Connectivity issues

    PS4 Eu server. Connection timed out. Please fix.

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    great because of that loading screen issue i can't even play the game because every single time i launch the game im stuck on Entering World: 0% for like 10-15min or even longer.... so almost whole day wasted :/

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    PlayStation : Character Sheet Popup

    Not sure if it’s on the other platforms but on both Eu and Na server going into a Bench, Chest, loot collecter even opening boxes the character sheet would pop up doesn’t happen every time but it’s about 1/3 times it will pop up just randomly

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    can login in and swap worlds again, not seeing an update if its fixed for real or just working for now.
    Also missed lustrous gem day now, can you please go back to doing the patches on Tuesday not Wednesday please.

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    Damn Bugs

    Hey Fasti i know you guys are working on fix
    Ps4 -EU Servers i cant log in it goes to recieved user acknowlegment then connection timed out,yesterday the inventry page keep poping up too,swopping worlds also a problem huge load times and losing connection whilst playing on geode surface.
    Hope you find where these bugs are and squash em Thanks

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