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Thread: geode topside

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    geode topside

    So whens the real update come out?
    I'm really surprised by the lack of content here.

    Geode topside is the easiest map by far to get around. Its to easy to get from dungeon to dungeon and the dungeons themselves all seem to follow the same layout so once you've done a few its again to easy street with little to zero challenge.

    Now I had a few months to get ready for this update so I had most things ready to go but what I did not expect to happen.
    All costumes done
    All mounts made
    In crystal 2 fully pearled, could 5 star but tomorrow I'm going c3 farming and I'm not sure yet if you can waste materials on these upgrades.
    PR 33K with maxed gems... 727 mastery will tell you I have p2w over the last 2 years,

    This all in a few hours...

    Ill explain why I feel like the update is lacking content after a brief, Yes I know paragraph to stop all the hey they have a smaller team people..

    Yes this update had a few things removed like gardening and br season 2, oh wait that's all that was removed.. so whats the explanation at a person ripping threw the real content in a few hours.
    The useless very expensive tomes and the c3 gear is not real content. Its items made stupidly hard to drag out a the lack of real game play.

    Why come here and rant. After playing this update what I feel is missing is the boss fight. Wheres the thing I need to be good enough to kill? Whats the point in getting stronger to kill the things Ive been killing faster?
    We did a PUG pr basically testing and we got a 12 second sr, I dont think that's even close to where the time will end up but even that was a so what... Ive killed dotm 1000s of time, Killing her faster does not give that feeling of I worked towards a challenge.

    I think every major update needs to be paired with a new ST as the end goal.
    This ST needs to be a challenge for the players and give them a reason to keep getting out there and grinding more powerful gear. Even if br season 2 and gardening had made it in to this update they would not even touch the void in content or a real goal.
    The game is to easy, I also was hoping to need team to do 5 star dungeons not be soloing them day 1.

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    Ultra Hard ST? Many People wont make it and they will cry = Nerf . Its always the same in every Game. :/

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    Like I have suggested before, was a hardcore/crystal tier of the shadow tower that they can make harder every so update. This tower will be ONLY for speed runners or people wanting to test their new found power an have 0 rewards like ultra.

    I say no rewards because we already get tons for Monday ultra an we don't need to hear the cries of the lower Pr saying the strong get stronger.

    Keep ultra the same so everyone can have a slice of the pie but the people wanting to get stronger for a harder boss isnt enjoying said pie anymore. I really think a new tier of shadow tower that's only meant for speed runners an no rewards will be the way to go to keep the end games some what happy.

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