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Thread: The pain of Geode caves hurts so bad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arion4K View Post
    Interesting new geode player thoughts you got there, let me tell you about the end-game geode player.

    You basically have to grind thousands of bronze eggs and hope you'll get non duplicated rares, you get about 20-30 eggs per run if you're maxed out, which is absurd in the end.
    Geode was a great social update, but gameplay wise, it was one of the worst I've seen.

    And as you said, the least enjoyable part of this game.

    But this is just the pattern of how they like to elongate the content aka "make something require absurd time investment or time-gate it or make it incredibly random", yeah... lmao, great way to "make the content longer". Absolutely awful.

    I can even give them a pass on the geode styles, yes, at least you can pay 20-30 million flux and get them, but with companion eggs and some other content, you just can't do anything besides invest a stupid amount of hours of doing the same thing while you hate it. No...just no.

    I am currently missing 1 rare companion egg and the 122 geode styles, I would spend those 20-30 mil flux in no time if I could get that last companion egg, but I won't spend countless hours of playing some sort of absurd lottery with no progression.

    There should be a "effigy companion golden egg" in the store, make it p2w, I don't even care, at least give the players another alternative to the awful geode caves egg grind.

    I also need 1 rare companion and the styles and I'm done with this type of pain in any game. They make the RNG grind worse with every update and it's why I've pretty much moved on from trove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDM135 View Post
    While ... (and a lot more)

    OK, that post actually made want to give the caves another chance. Just using the suggestions from Ibita I was able to enjoy the caves much more yesterday evening. I guess it's just a change of perspective. At the same time I'm not a big fan of excessive work with very little reward. I feel the balance is off for the whole cave gameplay so in reality, I probably won't ever be back to the caves unless a quest line forces it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arion4K View Post
    There should be a "effigy companion golden egg" in the store, make it p2w, I don't even care, at least give the players another alternative to the awful geode caves egg grind.
    I personally think all gold eggs should work like an effigy. They should even unlock uncommons or commons if you have all the rares. As hard to get as they are and the fact that they sell a pack with one for $100 worth of credits should not be something random. I think I would rage quit if I paid $100 for that pack and got a double.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaizer killer View Post
    Think given need to get to tier 3+ to finish quest and it takes about what 3-9 days casually grabbing materials to get to tier 3 and every aiming for 4k crystal to use on reqs for more meta matter and use loadstars when do get those on them. Helping as many critters along the way. Think this is a 1st event where a mode will slow down drastically on how fast can get it finished. Usually can finish a event in a few hours to like 2 days. Have a feel there might be more post like this or continuation on this post.

    With the plants so far either the shield or I laser into the rock to hide behind from being shot and then try laser ores. Helping critters is a nice feel and kind of the main reason I play geode time to time. Over time maybe some things with geode will get boosted.

    To make it to the Qust guy, all you need to have is a Level 2 GAS. This can be easily done within 1 single day.

    After all you just need to interact with this NPC right after the T3 gate. Your gas will least about 30 seconds in T3 at level 2, but this is enough to press E once to a creature that is 10 blocks behind the gate.

    Well, farming in T3 is another topic though...

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    Ah was probably remembering the time length of farming inside of tier 3. Alright so this should be a day or two long event. Even though geode is supposed to be optional.
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    Well, putting something at the Tier 3 entrance gate isn't too different from putting event quest objectives in Dragonfire Peaks. A completely fresh player isn't going to be able to get there immediately, but a short grind (through the expertise line) should unlock access. I don't think we're going to see *that* many complaints about where the event questline assumes you are in terms of progression.


    The spitting plants can, at least temporarily, be covered up by Prospecting Platforms. You can also deal with these plants by moving around in place (say, alternating W and S) while mining so the plants aim at different spots.

    Or use the barrier module, even from an early point it's pretty solid.

    Also, for companions, quite a few people consider the Qubrik to be the best companion for general use, and the common quality one in particular having the best allocation of its perks.


    I'll agree that both the very early and very late parts of Geode Caves progression suck. Early on it's a slow slog to get anything done, and at late-game you're stuck waiting in Companion RNG torture - trying to get all those rares is kinda nuts short of some event unloading unlimited gold eggs on us (like Black Friday Luxion did, although I'm almost certain that was an oversight).

    The mid-game is actually enjoyable, once you've gotten your modules going you can gather resources at a decent enough rate to use (or sell). I'm currently in this part of the game myself

    Can't really suggest anything to get past the mastery chase of rare companions, except to either grind thousands of bronze eggs or wait it out and hope for more event rewards that give easier access to gold eggs or even promising silver eggs. As for the early Geode Caves progression, pick up the metamatter (and other materials) where it's easiest for you to get them. Right now you can get 25 metamatter for 5 event tokens, which is a lot less effort than trying to farm all the stuff with level 4 modules. If you're wealthy enough, consider getting the metamatter manifesto tome (it's crafted on the Crystallogy bench at the highest tier).

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    I just wanted to throw in two bits I didn't see other people mention;

    Mining; I'm so sorry for anyone who thinks they can only target one item at a time like on Trove's service. Gameplay actually rewards aiming at corners and hitting 4-6 blocks all at the same time and can work through corners and odd angles to get ore this way rather than tunneling it out like normal Trove/Minecraft. I found this out by accident while mining one day and I think a lot of people found it that way, but its never explicitly said anywhere int he tutorial, I dont think. It used to be common knowledge, but it sounds like its not being passed on now.

    Movement Speed; Even without heavy upgrades, its actually possible to move FASTER than mount speed in the tunnels, and its basically an active practice of how you use the hookshot. There are a couple quirky tricks you can pull off to legit slingshot yourself through tunnels like nobody's business. The two primary tricks involves shooting a low hanging point and releasing the shot before you hit the top, then tapping your rocket boost to sustain a minimal height over the ground. You can get through the straight passages in a second or two when your trying to get through the early tiers rapidly. As for Y breaks, nabbing the edge of the outcrop and hitting space the same time you would land on the ledge will frequently cause you to 'pop up' higher than normal, and you can use the Shift-dash to fling yourself forward pretty far without using much energy.

    Plants; I kept platforms on hand constantly and legit just blocked them in. I actually used to seek out other players and block off the plants around them, threw down my Thumper and kept going.

    Crystals; Its been said before, but the Thumper is A M A Z I N G. Its part of the learning curve to recognize a good crystal room. There were people pulling thousands upon thousands of crystals out of the caves and rarely leaving tier 1 for a while because they'd just rush to the first dead end and spam thumper everything and leave again.

    (I dont know if they've fixed it since the Gamigo buyout, but you also used to be able to upgrade a green or blue egg pet once and get like triple the amount of crystals you put into evolving it when breaking it down)

    I havn't really had much time to play this, I was pretty busy IRL when the game changed hands, but I legit used to pretty much only live in the caves when they came out. It was something fun for me to do when I couldn't keep up with the zerg any more, but I'm surprised there's an event making it mandatory.

    I will actually say I didn't like that they even added the egg system, because before the RNG companions were added, it was a casual, slow paced solo activity I could relax and be totally chill about doing. Then it exploded when people got angry about Mastery attached to the companions and it was hard to keep enjoying myself when people were screaming from the rooftops about the 'unfairness' of the eggs. Game content should be fun for the sake of fun, and it makes me really sat to hear people hate it because they feel forced/rushed to get to the end without really enjoying the content for what it is.

    It was cool seeing someone talk about Zork and Myst though, its been a while.
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    Here some tips for someone without upgrade
    1:For no fall dmg just use dodge before you hit the floor
    2:To avoid flowers just mine while doing circles with your move analog(they calculate where player will end up by your speed and direction so its easy to trick it)

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