A crosspost from reddit;

Hello, i see trove has a habit of bringing back geode based events, which i'm okay with!

The problem for me, though, and many others, is that there was a ship released with geode called the SS Solidarity that hasn't been made available again, and is the only thing left to fully complete our geode collections, and have geode 100% completed.

Please re-release SS solidarity in some form, through luxion or through the store for cubits, possibly! So that those of us who have this one last thing to collect can draw a close to our geode adventures!

Thank you.

It would be awesome for you to bring the ship and sail back even if just for a short while to allow those of us who missed geode at the start to finally complete our collections, i have waited for this ship for a while and have posted about possibly bringing it back before and it had no attention. Please, allow us to finish geode!