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    Ban/Suspension Appeal Process

    Scythe has pointed out that some players are being banned with no prior warning for moving NPC's away from outposts to make adveurine farms.

    Is this true and why has no one been warned that this is an offence worthy of an account ban.

    Having something in writing from yourself or gamigo would surely clear up this situation for everyone.

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    Not the reply you're looking for and some people will disagree.

    They(Gamigo or in the past Trion) don't need to warn you. You agreed to a TOS when you made your account.

    Exploiting is Exploiting even if they know about it and wont fix it

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    i never heard about this till today when alot of people were talking about it in game chat on xboxone but (if this is true) please can u put it as a ingame msg for a few weeks so that people know it isn't allowed

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    pollut I agree to the extent of u should be banned if your exploiting but the truth is alot of players currently dont see this as explotation or see as so mild a use of it that they discount the fact it is and given the fact no one has ever mentioned it isn't allowed when its a well known method just cements the belief that it is allowed .

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    In every case of an in-game ban, players should follow this process for an appeal.

    We won't violate the privacy of anyone by discussing details of specific bans or suspensions publicly, so I am closing up this thread.

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