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Thread: adventurine farming?

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    adventurine farming?

    From what I heard I guess pirrot farming is no longer a thing because its hard to put together? So with that being said, whats a good way to farm adventurine? Thanks!

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    It's possible but I'm not sure many bother since most probably already have made full use out of their adventurine. The gem quests and ganda are decent ones to take, cosmic if you're farming geode surface.

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    The fastest method for adventurine farming is still pirrot lord farm. People also farm shadow tower quest combined with ganda (trigger magic find) or acquire chaos chests as well. I recommend you this discord server where people post currently available quests in their clubs.

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    Are you talking about the start of a club? Or what the cool kids farm now lol

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    Outside of a farm, I find that the Gem quests on Wednesday give a decent amount of adventurine. at least enough that I can get into the top 1000 for club XP in a fairly short time.

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