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Thread: Loot bug?

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    Loot bug?

    time : sunday, february 2nd, at every time

    context : doing 5-star dungeon

    expected : getting Crystalline core or something

    Observed : don't get Crystalline core from doing 5-star dungeon or any loots only uber-8 cosmic gem box

    Repro Steps : I go 5-star dungeon we clear it with some guys and at the end i don't get anything only a uber-8 cosmic gem box

    Character details : level 23, Gunslinger

    so i don't know if it's a bug but i asked in chat all how to get crystalline core everyone told me to do 5-star dungeon then i told them i don't get anything from this a guy come to do it with me and again i didn't get anything and he said it should be a bug report it on the forum

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    Your character level is too low.
    I think to go into U8 is Level 25.

    I am on PS4 so I don't have this update yet but that's what I have heard that either.
    A. Low Level Character.
    B. Low level PR.
    C. Low Light Level.
    D. All the Above.

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    I can confirm, in order to get 5* rewards, your class needs to be class level 25. I had a friend that I was helping back in December. He was a class level 20 Rev at 5K PR, and he was not receiving the rewards. After he leveled up to class level 25, then he started receiving the 5* Rewards.

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    This is the third bug report i have seen after reporting mine.


    This thread is a duplicate.

    *Note: You unlock your first Cosmic Gem at lvl25 which is what i think is the issue. You only need to unlock the slot, gearing the gem(s) is not a requirement, especially for U8...

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