Hello, I noticed that some hat styles in the Costume tab do not give 10 mastery points like most of the rest of them. These styles are the following:
  • Magician Hat
    Treasure Trovian's Pith Hat
    Heartbreaker Hat
    Hat of Hats
    Blastcap Builder Hat
    Rosy Topper
    Shaper's Stone Crown
    Blocktor's Chapeau
    Grandmaster Gardner Crown (only gives 1 trove and 1 geode mastery instead of 10 each)
    Time-Stranded Paleontologist Hat

It doesn't make sense why only these Hat Styles were given 1 mastery point each when the rest of the Costume Hats are given 10 each so if this could be looked at in the future I and many others would appreciate it.

Thank you!