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    Smile Removed Emblems Feedback

    When Geode came out Trionworlds removed 9 emblems from store listed down

    >Energetic Emblem
    >Restorative Emblem
    >Zealous Emblem
    >Unyielding Emblem
    >Soothing Rain Emblem
    >Energizing Rain Emblem
    >Repulsing Emblem
    >Shadow Shrike Emblem
    >Sorcerous Servant Emblem

    What Luxion unlocked after 8months waiting
    >Zealous Emblem
    >Unyielding Emblem

    What i want to say
    Guys do you think that fair ?
    im rank 37 trove mastery point what keeping what holding me of getting max master lvl and rank 1 ,im still missing some geode styles i can get very ez if i want but it pointless cuz devs have not unlock emblem im missing you .
    Why Devs removed them at first place ?
    I sent tickets asking them why did they remove emblems from store but i have not got reply , we all know that most of them are useless emblem but that not reason to remove them if you want to remove them cuz they are useless why you didn't remove mastery points of them ?

    What i want
    i want devs to bring them back i dont care how ,there is a lot of ways to do it anyway put them back in market or bring them back with luxion or add them to chaos crafter or add them to boxes loot

    We all play game for reason everyone have his/her goal
    i play video games to be best
    please dont break my goal after all this time I spent on this game over 4.7k hours

    thank you in advance for your time have nice day.

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    agree :soonLaser:

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    defenitly agree, still missing 2 emblems aswell that i cant get at all
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    I couldn't agree more, I've been playing less than a hour and have a lot of time and money into this game because I enjoy it and want to continue to move up the mastery ranks. That being said there are a lot of items that I can not longer obtain due to being remove completely from the game. Therefore, these items should not provide mastery points, or better yet make them obtainable again.
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    I completely agree, of course its a bad idea to remove mastery items completly from the game, i'm missing like half of them, its true that as of now i dont really need em, but in the near future i'll need those items to get my mastery up. its already not that easy to get our mastery up past a certain point, but if you remove some mastery items completely thats just unfair. so please find a way for them to be added back

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    Strongly Agree - there wasn't even a warning that these were going to be removed. I also think other mastery associated items should be brought back even if only once a year as a large % of my missing mastery points are currently unobtainable items and I have been playing over a year+++ non-stop.

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    How are you that high in mastery an never bought them before?? They were on the store for sooo long

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    Hey folks,

    The Emblems won't be coming back to the store, but will all pop up on Luxion in the future. Not all of them will show up at once, but they will be available for anyone who wants them.

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    Fasti the three times emblems have shown the same two out of 11 have been selected, 10 weeks apart. 6 weeks before the next set of emblems going by the pattern, I hope you haven't mislead these fine people. (40 weeks? the other 9 emblems haven't been selected).

    While you're at it.. where's this unattainable pinata mount?

    it's been gone since mid oct

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    Cotton Candy is becoming an issue on PC as well. It hasn't been in Chaos Chests since 2016. I get that these are given out pretty readily on console but PC players need a way to get them.

    * Unless you are on PC then Cotton Candy ignores you

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