Hi there,

I am Founder and President of The Camelot. I bought a "Club Raneme Tag" from Marketplace on 6 September 2018. I used it change my club world name from "THE GOLDEN KNIGHT KINGDOM" to a "The Camelot". Everything has worked without problems at the start, but i noticed that the "/joinworld The Camelot" command is not working correctly. The command "/joinworld The Camelot" is teleporting a player to other empty club "the Camelot". I already tried the /renameworld command but it's not working.

I tried to write the "/renameworld "The Camelot"" with a double spacebar or big "i" instead of "I" , none is working. The "/joinworld THE GOLDEN KNIGHT KINGDOM" is not working too.

I don't know why renameworld command don't work for my club. I mean, example; i do "/renameworld The_Camelot" or "/renameworld "The_Camelot"" but when i try "/joinworld The_Camelot" or "/joinworld "The_Camelot"" it doesn't work.

You can join to the club world by using the "/joinworld 3281920807221142014" command, which is the world ID but it's not comfortable for anyone to use it.

I was did a ticket when this is happened and they was couldn't help to me but so much player and member still asking "Why /joinworld The Camelot" doesn't work?" and members want a fix for that. We have 530 member and Level 9, almost Level 10 (2.140.024 / 2.363.773 xp). We are very active club and we are Top 100 Club PR in Leaderboard(65th). Also we keep rising getting new members and get more good ranks on Leaderboards day by day. But when we have this "/joinworld The Camelot" bug it is very hard.

I was did a post in forum too but trove team/devs didn't so much things but members want a fix and i am here again and we did new tickets.

We, just want a fix for this bug. @Fasti I don't know very well how to fix that but we have some ideas => If you can change this empty club's name with "Club Rename Tag" to different name , it will probably fix our problem or you can delete this empty club because there is nothing in this club world. Only beginning terraform and no any build on this empty club world. No any build, no any benches, no any portal,... When people try join to my club with command, they just teleporting to here and they confusing. Probably no one member to this empty club. So you can delete the empty club world because it don't have anything, no one doesn't use it and it block our club's joinworld command.

Thanks in advance to you @Fasti and thanks to you for read. I hope someone will help to us.