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Thread: Petopia Universe is accepting apps!

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    Cool Petopia Universe is accepting apps!

    Petopia Universe is up and ready for new members ! After 2 years we are back!! Lots to look at, as well as do ! Club missions, pixelart island, all crafing tables, all fishing, active leaders are ranked under 100th on server for pr , helpful and knowledgeable officers, opportunity for advancement /jobs (leader driven quests),discord chat . Great members! Come get in on the ground floor !

    We are trying to build a virtual community of players who support each other in game through camaraderie and contribution.

    We have been in game since beta. We know Trove, and how it has changed. After a brief hiatus, we want you to help make Petopia Universe great again. Message Goztana, Rekzen, or Stimulus for invite . Happy gaming to you all !
    For pixart nostalgia , feed your eyeholes at /joinworld Terminus
    Also making new art at Explicit Content clubworld, just south of the spawn point. /joinworld Explicit Content

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    I tried Whispering in game but all three of you were offline lol, my IGN is GankuSpanku, I'd like to join!

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