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Thread: A thank-you & a criticism. Cornerstones & "flying" mounts.

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    A thank-you & a criticism. Cornerstones & "flying" mounts.

    First off, WOW, thanks for how high and low we can build cornerstones. A game like this could have so easily skimped on that department just for the sake of avoiding undue excitingness, so HUGE PROPS for such strokes of creative freedom! And I'm enjoying the process of finding formicite to craft appealing blocks by the hundreds, at least with the Boomranger.

    BIG letdown: Getting the starter pack and beginning my long journey of 4 minutes of googling forum discussions to discover that Trove, truly, absolutely.... doesn't ACTUALLY let you fly/gain-altitude with "flying" mounts???

    All this vertical space to explore and enjoy, and all that we're allowed to do with our rockets is glide? The whole point of a rocket IS to gain altitude you know... xD


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    You want Ganda. Good luck.

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