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Thread: Having issues creating a skin for Khadavros

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    Having issues creating a skin for Khadavros

    So I'm trying to create a skin for Khadavros and I'm having minor issues that really bug me.

    Here are some screenshots:


    As you might be able to see, his neck is floating. Not connected the way it should be.
    I've already tried these things:


    But nothing seems to work, I've also downloaded a different editor that I'm thinking of trying.
    It might also be visible here:


    Seeking assistance.

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    The original model looks like this: http://prntscr.com/m86bm9

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    Hi there!

    This is most likely an issue of a missing attachment point (the pink voxel with #ff00ff color code). Some of the voxel editors don't import the attachment point if there's no adjacent voxel to it but fortunately Zoxel asks when opening a model whether you'd like to restore it or not.
    Make sure you have one (and only one) of that hot pink voxel and the model should find its way back to the original position.
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    You're a lifesaver! Thanks.

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