Hello! I've come back to the forums once again to promote a few of my mods! I attempted to do an entirely Desert-Frontier one, similar to my pirate pack, but I lost interest in continuing it around the Dracolyte one-- made the Revenant skin in the meanwhile.

The Desperado Defender!

In a lawless place like the Wild West, heroes are hard to come by. Superheroes even more so.

Guns. Bash or shoot using guns. Guns. Yes. This replaces one of the fist styles to a gun.

Replaces the Heavy Metal Fist style to the Desperado Revolver. Replaces the Level 20 Vanguardian Costume. Works well with Sebastian and many hats in-game.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Steambot Shogun!

Some of the best warriors aren't shaped into combat-- they're created out of a higher power.
Why use fancy new technology when miners made an easier model years prior? Steamwork is the way to go, hon!
Replaces the Level 10 Neon Ninja Costume and Hat styles. Also replaces the Neon Nightblade melee style.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Gunmetal Gladiator!

What good is a warrior's mask without armor to match?

This replaces the Starter Spear, Hat, and Costume style for the Revenant.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Arcanium Dracolyte!

(Been through the tumbler for a while until I was satisfied enough for a release. There's minor clipping near the legs of the ultimate, but it's hardly noticable. The ultimate has Dad-pants, but that's intentional. Looks ((ok)) dancing. Looks much better in-game, rather than the screenshots.)
Replaces the Level 10 Ultimate, Hat, and Costume Dracolyte styles. Also changes all default effigies by technical limitation.

The Trovesaurus Link!

Please, leave comments or critiques in the comments. I really do want to hear some of your thoughts, if you've got any to share.