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Thread: Lesser Geodian Topside Cache

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    Last time I looked pearls are a Trove item.
    Why are they on Geode?
    Seems weird that stellars and pearls are on geode at all.

    I'm guessing when everyone lost it about stellars being replaced and the cost of pearls at the time this was a silly fix.
    Should have left stellars in Trove only and only added the new pearls lootable feature.

    I agree pearls should be removed from these and go one further and ask that stellar go home to Trove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animo View Post
    Your magic find is irrelevant to the rarity of pearls, you can buy them off the market place; they are dirt cheap. A single crystalline core has a higher equivalent flux value, if you look at the allies and mounts that require them to be crafted (or even the Geode Style Staches), than 10 pearls.

    As for bound brilliance, you can easily get 25 a week from the tome and having your characters over 5000 pr. Any end game player as you claim to be, should have all characters at least to this point. Stacked with the Lustrous gem boxes, and you can potentially get over 31 augments a week without resorting to farming a box that should have nothing to due with gem augmentation (You can't even use the gem dust from topside to make augments or anything for that matter). And if bond brilliance is your deciding factor, you need to make appropriate augments, Superior Augments give bigger pr boosts, if you are making rough foci (yes that's the plural of focus) and are low on bound brilliance it is your own fault. They have already added numerous ways to get bound brilliance, before players had to buy login tokens or wait for events.

    Just because you want something, does not mean it belongs in the lesser topside cache, conversely, not wanting something does not necessarily make it not belong either. But, the cache is the only way to farm crystalline cores, as such, its purpose should be related to crystalline cores (forging crystal gear, crafting mounts, costumes, allies, tomes, etc). Therefore, if the box contains items related to crystalline cores, it is appropriate. It is not appropriate to put random items in that make no sense, pearls and bound brilliance make as much sense as putting eyes of q'bthulu or stacks of primal grey blocks or fragments of wonder. The materials are unrelated to the purpose of the loot box and as such should not be inside. Yes, some people want bound brilliance, but some people want glim too, should we add 1000 glim to the rare drops as well? No, because it does not coincide with the purpose of the box. The only items that make sense would be crystalline cores, forge fragments, nitro glitterine, the forge fragment formulae, and veridium. Would I like all those things? No, but they would make sense and match the loot box.
    Direct on the point.

    It's real sad that some want changes but can never put themselves in the position of others, even if that simply requires remembering what they passed by earlier. It's just too easy to pretend that something was a breeze once you are done with it (or simply refuse to talk about it), no matter how hard it truly was.

    Well, let's not simply flame and put this into context: The effort spent by players maxing C3 gear and being trolled with pearls, rare fragments and brilliance drops will never be paid by the occasional bound brilliance drops many seek after not wanting to deal with cores anymore. Yet some defend that leaving things the way they are is the best approach just because:
    1- They (most likely) won't get anything back from having upgraded their gear before the change.
    2- There is no safety that another way to get the resource - better, equal or worse - will ever be implemented.

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