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Thread: Lesser Geodian Topside Cache

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    Lesser Geodian Topside Cache

    What are your thoughts on these caches?

    I feel the fragments and pearls really get in the way when the main goal is getting crystalline cores

    we already get plenty of 10/50's from C2/C3 drops, 5000+ forge fragments but starved* of crystalline cores to upgrade crystal 3 gear
    *I could upgrade my 3rd c3 item to 5*, but I haven't got a hat with the right stats yet, c3 spear queued up after it
    5434/6734 forge fragments remaining, 448/1360 crystalline cores remaining after 2 c3's a mount and tome
    We're looking at almost 5 froge fragments per core total so far (w/ tome procs), and the required forge cost is like 1.75 fragments per core.
    Unfavorited Forge Fragment tome maybe two weeks ago too, don't even use it.

    I'm also of the opinion of putting augments back into the uncommon table instead, 1 BB in the rare table shared with 3 other items? I feel robbed of cores whenever it and (50) fragments shows up.

    Perhaps I'm more cross about it since I've been soloing these, instead of clicking join every other minute and leech

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    Don't forget there's the tradeable Forge Fragment tome as a rare drop as well. Unless that's included in the "3 other items." :3

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