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Thread: When is Tomb Raiser getting Reworked?

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    I actually love the knight. when I was getting him 30 way back when, I really enjoyed his gameplay style. But rev is such a power house I just use that now.

    Also wish knight could use his own sub

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    Still waiting for the rework myself. Don't really have any intention to play anymore.

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    If this class wants to compete at farming or in shadow towers, then the pets should last until they die or be indestructible. Summoning minions one at a time is too slow.

    M2 should summon all minions and possibly give a small increase in damage to them at the time they're summoned. For example, you walk into a dungeon press m2 pop a flask and one shot the boss. Should be quick so you can rush to the next dungeon like every other class can.

    Class gem is useless and instead should transform your minions into archers or mages so they can kill faster making their attacks pierce, do more damage and having a wide area of effect on their attack making it easier to kill adds. For example, archers/mages could shoot 3-5 projectiles in a cone when they attack.

    The current Grave Goliath is awful and way too slow. The sacrificing mechanic is disgusting and instead should summon a normal Goliath which vacuums enemies upon summoning making it easier to kill adds. It also needs to attack much faster and maybe have an aoe damaging aura around it.
    They could also change the ultimate ability to buff minion damage and increase their attack speed instead of summoning a Goliath so they can be useful in shadow towers.

    Banshee's Boon should instead heal us and make us take 90% less damage.

    Just throwing out some ideas

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