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Thread: When is Tomb Raiser getting Reworked?

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    When is Tomb Raiser getting Reworked?

    Tomb Raiser has been a favourite of mine due to the summoner play style that comes with it. But as I enter late-game territory with upwards of 15k PR I'm starting to realize that TR really hasn't got a lot going for it, other than it's capability of tanking due to the Health steal passive, which is only further increased, should you use the Revenant's Subclass and a minor distraction from the minions you can summon.

    Which is probably why there are very little high ranking Tomb Raisers, and even less in Shadow Towers.

    His/her damage output is weak, the minions are moronic and will attack whatever they want rather than the boss you threw in spitting distance of.
    And don't even get me started on the Goliath's issues.

    I know Tomb Raiser is a starting class, and that it shouldn't be too ludicrous but classes like the Knight and so on, are still viable late game classes.

    Tomb Raiser should have greater range and more dps overall. For example, I have 71k MD and only deal around 10-20k Damage per hit with the M1 ability and I find myself constantly having to use the 1 ability to deal any amount of substantial damage to a regular high level mob as well as heal the minions that all of which are dying to the mob and overtime, of which I'm trying to tediously merge into a Goliath. Of which there is no guarantee the ability will even work. Worst case scenario, which is not an uncommon occurrence, is for the minions to be consumed and the Goliath just doesn't show up.
    Tomb Raiser's minions should be able to somewhat handle their own without the Tomb Raiser present and take the aggro more effectively than they do already, the Tomb Raiser should only buff and restore them. Tomb Raisers should be able to heal each other's minions, I'm not sure why they can't.
    Minions should immediately direct their attention to the first person you attack rather than going off on their own, only to go unhealed and die, wasting your time and dps potential.
    If you have a fully powered Goliath and press 2 again, it shouldn't sacrifice the good one for a weaker one, it should replenish the Goliath's health and depending on the amount of minions, give it an attack speed buff, sending it into a frenzy.

    I know this is a bit of an ask, but please just make Tomb Raiser a good class.

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    Wow, that goliath suggestion at the end there is actually an incredible idea. Incorporate that into the class gem as well and BAM! you've completely changed the playstyle of the class, just like what a class gem is supposed to do. However I do rather like the current class gem ability, it eases the burden of healing quite a bit, so i'd be sad to see it go.

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    Tomb Raiser is the lowest DPS in game, he always was right after MoP. I would like to see TR as good as Dracolyte, or even better. If Devs want to rework the class, they will need to take care of the damage values, minion's AI and much more. Let me quickly compare DR and TR.

    Basic attack:
    DR 170% MD | 4 atk/sec.
    TR 30% MD | 4.1666 atk/sec

    DR 6x 170% MD | 4 atk/sec ("minions each have the same damage and attack rate as the Dracolyte's basic attack" but IMO it's mostly half of Draco's damage ~ 85%) + 460% MD per egg explosion
    TR 6x 75% MD | 1 atk/sec
    TR 1x 12% MD | 1 atk/sec (Banshee)
    TR 1x 100% MD + 75% MD per minion = 550% MD | 1 atk/sec (Goliath)

    Draco is getting additional +50% Magic Damage, +100% basic attack damage from [2] ultimate and 2.5% increased damage from all sources. So yeah...

    If devs want to make TR good, there need to be a lot of chances. Mostly the overall damage and attack rate of minions need buff. 1 atk/sec is literally too low.


    a) Replace TR's minions basic attack with a laser 4 atk/sec that every 3-6 sec will heal the minion or TR. Minions won't be good in ST if they will be a single-target.
    b) Make TR minions attack rate scale with Attack Speed stat. TR would take a good use of all %AS in game (dragons, sub-classes, gear, BB cosmic gem). Berserker Battler gem gives big DPS boost for classes that use basic attack during fight (GS, Rev, FT etc.) which greatly increase the game. Classes like DR/TR don't have any buff from it, other new gems don't increase the DPS.
    c) Add a close range AoE aura around minions that trigger x times per sec and deal % damage. DO NOT make it like Chloromancer's Leafy Lasher "A single enemy can only be damaged by ONE lasher at a time.".

    Bonetourage/Soul Caller. If there is no available souls to use, next summoned minion should consume 10-20% of Tomb Raiser's health instead.

    Trove is about damage. It's okay to make TR a "top" DPS even if he have a lot of base healing. Revenant is a decent DPS + he is nearly unkillable. Still he haven't been nerfed.

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