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Thread: I made a costume (Hunter Armour)

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    I made a costume (Hunter Armour)


    Not sure what class it'd be compatible with. But I'd hope to see it work on the Warrior

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    Hi there!

    It's a fine looking model in my opinion. At its current scale, it's somewhere between a Knight and a Candy Barbarian's size. While it'd likely look nice on both classes, since it looks like a suit of armor, instead of making it a Knight (because it's already an armored Trovian) I'd rather lean towards turning it into a nice medieval Candy Barbarian, wielding a pair of maces for example.

    Either way, it'll surely need some adjustments, most importantly the torso, its width needs to be an odd number (except if it's a Revenant), so you'll need to make it a voxel wider (probably the legs, too, they'd look really thin compared to the body). Another suggestion would be to add some "weight" to the shoulders (maybe extending them by a layer at the bottom would do).

    I hope I helped, I'm curious where this'll develop.
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