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Thread: Suggestions for the Pirate Captain

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    Suggestions for the Pirate Captain

    Hello everyone.

    Iīve been maining the Pirate Captain for several hundrets of hours, with a PR of 31255. During the time playing PC, Iīve noticed several problems that occur with this class and I also have some suggestions for it. Letīs start out with the problems.


    The ultimate ability doesnīt register, in case of the PC the game just starts the cooldown but no turret is spawned.
    This is a problem known for many classes and it definitely needs a fix.

    The decoys donīt register either. You often wonīt notice this, since they are on a low cooldown and are pretty cheap to throw.
    However it still happens sometimes. Especially now in U10 this can lead to you dying if youīre out of flasks.

    Spawned decoys are completely ignored. You can see this happening with cursed skulls a lot.

    Even if you threw 2 - 4 decoys down already, the new wave will ignore them completelyand come after you, which is essentially wasted energy.

    We all know that Trove is lagging. Sometimes itīs not that bad and sometimes you can hear dinosaurs in the distance. However, especially cursed skulls often take a long time spawning the next wave of enemies. Which results in your top tier turrets completely disappearing. I would suggest to make the turrets only disappear if theyīre placed somewhere else. An increased amount of time (+20 or 30 seconds) before they disappear would help too.

    The DotM-Gun. I guess most PC players here know what Iīm talking about. The turrets start attacking the gun that canīt be destroyed and completely ignore the boss theyīre supposed to kill.

    For some reason the turrets completely ignore enemies which are standing in lava/plasma/etc. Thatīs one of the reaons why the Lava Arena in STs is pretty annoying.

    Gameplay suggestions:

    Pirate Captains have to watch out for where they place their turrets. Depending on Arena or Dungeon, there are better or worse positions and it is essential to know where to place them for maximum damage. Now, many bosses posses a buff which pulls you (and for some reason your turrets) close to them. This often results in the turrets getting a bad position and stop firing at the enemies because they canīt see them anymore. This happens quite often and is a bit annoying, considering the PC has quite a long setup time, before he starts dealing good damage.

    I suggest an ability to instantly place a fully upgraded turret, if your coin container is full.
    This way itīs easier for the PC to initiate with some damage and it woudnīt be much of a problem to replace your turrets if they were being moved.

    Another way would be for the turrets to move themselves automatically.

    Most, if not all turret models have tires, it would be interesting if they could move on their own to align themselves with the enemy.

    Also there are a lot of classes out there that are more powerful and faster for farming STs and Dungeons. A buff would be nice. How about scaling / increasing AS of the turrets?

    The thing we ALL want: Priority. Let us be able to choose our target.

    Especially in a Pinata boss fight I should be able to focus on Pinata instead of the hordes of monsters it spawns.

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    For the Ult problem. If you press and hold the button for an extra 1/2 second, then the Ult does go off during times of high latency. This goes for all classes when doing the Ult. I know that I am used to the instant response when you press the 2 button, but if you hold it for an extra fraction of a second, then it does actually go off. I know that this is a workaround, but until they can address it, this works for me.

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