So, Trove is in a pretty good spot for me atleast. I enjoy playing it. But there is still a few things that should be fixed/managed as soon as possible

1.Binding darkness, I know Binding Darkness is really a useful item, so it has to be hard to obtain, but in order to get really good gems, you need to grind that either from ST or from Uber or Geode worlds. And RNG is pretty bad.
I would really like to see Binding Darkness "drop" being upped, either as a bonus week, or added to a monday bonus. Or just to add a new crate which could be obtained from grinding, 1 box out of 100 bosses.
2.Augmenters, also, augmenters are "only" for players in end game, who are rich. But it would be really good to see these augmenters being remade. Either make them more obtainable, or just cheaper. Because paying 1mil for 100 Rough focuses, to upgrade 1-2 stats on 1 gem is just silly.

I dont want this post to be pushy, or something, I love your game, and I enjoy playing it. But grinding for bindings for hours, and getting 0 of them is just pain.
I know you are working hard for us, and we appreciate it, here are just some ideas on how to improve the end game, for players.
Thanks for reading, thanks