In this post I'm going to talk about the Gunslinger's attack speed problem, and giving a suggestion to fix it.
The way attack speed currently works with the Gunslinger's ult (with class gem) makes him unfairly benefit from way more attack speed than other classes.
The Gunslinger having extremelty high damage per shot in the first place, him being able to benefit from higher AS% values than other classes makes the problem even bigger. Let's explain with numbers.

As you probably know, the Gunslinger's class gem makes his ult deal a LOT more damage and adds AoE damage as well. As a counterpart, his AS% stat is multiplied by 0.75 when the ult is active to make it more balanced.
This used to work fine, but it doesn't anymore. I'm going to explain why a bit further in this post.

As you also probably know, the AS% stat cap is 300%. Any attack speed over 300% isn't going to change anything.

When the Gunslinger's class gem was created, reaching over 300% AS was impossible, and wasn't thought to ever be possible.
But nowadays... it is. With full attack speed gear, dragons that give attack speed, the new Berserk Battler gem ability and the Lunar Lancer subclass, you can easily reach over 400%AS.

The problem is: the Gunslinger's ult (with class gem) multiplies your AS% stat by 0.75 to make your damage more balanced.
But you can reach over 300%AS now, you can even reach over 400%AS.
400 * 0.75 = 300%AS.
Which means you hit the attack speed cap with the Gunslinger's ult when your AS% stat reaches 400.
Which means the Gunslinger can benefit from having up to 400%AS, while every single other class (except dracolyte and tomb raiser, because they don't use the attack speed stat) only benefits from having up to 300%AS. Poor other classes :(

So, my suggestion is: instead of the Gunslinger's ult (with class gem) multiplying your attack speed stat by 0.75 when the ult is active, making it multiply your attack rate by 0.75.
The attack rate is the speed at which the class attacks without applying the AS% stat. For example, a Fae Trickster with 200% AS will shoot way slower than a Dino Tamer with 200% AS, because her attack rate is lower.
The Gunslinger has a default attack rate of 2.5 (at least that's what Trove Wikia says and that's what I found when I auto attacked on a wall).
So that would be an attack rate of 1.875 when the ult is active with my suggestion.
This way, the Gunslinger would deal the exact same amount of damage as currently but only up to 300%AS, like every other class in the game. Two examples:

Example 1
Currently: if you have 200% AS with an attack rate of 2.5, when your ult is active your attack speed goes to 150% and your attack rate doesn't change.
Rate * (AS%/100) = 2.5 * 1.5 = 3.75. (AS% stat starts at 100%, 100% = *1, so that's why it's *1.5 and not *2.5 like it would be for the CD stat)
With my suggestion: attack rate goes to 1.875 but your AS% stays at 200.
Rate * (AS%/100) = 1.875 * 2 = 3.75. Exactly the same as before.

Example 2
Currently: if you have 400% AS with an attack rate of 2.5, when your ult is active your attack speed goes to 300% and your attack rate doesn't change.
Rate * (AS%/100) = 2.5 * 3 = 7.5.
With my suggestion: attack rate goes to 1.875 but your AS% stays at 400. Since the attack speed cap is 300%, you only benefit from 300% AS.
Rate * (AS%/100) = 1.875 * 3 = 5.625. Now it's the same attack speed cap as every other class.

That would make the Gunslinger work like every other class that uses the AS% stat, instead of him having that unfair advantage over them. (Well, actually not "every" class because the Dino Tamer has the opposite problem since your ult with class gem gives +25 AS%, which is useless when you already have over 300% AS without that, but it's a waaaaaay smaller problem than the Gunslinger one so I won't talk about it here.)

So that's it for my suggestion. Sorry if my english isn't perfect, it's not my native language but I tried to do my best. Also, sorry if it looks like a big block of text, I'm not very good at presentation.
Answering with your opinions on this will be highly appreciated, and I'll try to answer to all of them :)