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Thread: Sharing the best idea ever!

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    Lightbulb Sharing the best idea ever!

    what about clubquests renewing automatically?

    i accept the defeat a shadowtitan task from larsene, go to shadowtower and kill it and boom complete. but! but! after that i have to go back to the club and accept the task again...

    what if you could have a setting in the adventure tab that allows you to repeat the quest as long the npc is in the club?

    it would be like this: i accept the quest from larsene, go to the shadowtower and kill the boss. at this moment i complete my quest, but! but! the quest has been completed and refreshed itself automatically. so just hop to the next st straight away from the bossroom in the shadowtower.

    there are a few pros and cons on this...

    - gandaquest as a pro and con. with high magicfind this quest goes very fast. can be good. but also TO good. so maybe lower the rewards ganda give is this feature comes.

    -gemquest (water fire and air) this is a huge pro, you can keep sweeping dungeons while not minding the quest that goes away after 5 boxes. now i can keep sweeping without going back to the club.

    -chaos chest quest... this quest wouldnt see much benefit but it also comes in handy if this tool was there.

    and to not make this feature go crazy... would be smart to make it only for your primary club...

    if i have the club D A M N primary i would only be able to autorepeat the quests from this club.

    so what are your players opinions? and devs? steve haines? (fasti)

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    We've asked for something similar in many ways on many days and we've been told many reasons why it won't/can't happen.

    Some of your ideas are good, but lowering the rewards for ganda would make an extremely rare NPC useless.

    Tying it to primary club would make this whole idea useless as once a club is lvl 10 keeping the repose fixture is depriving the members of one of the more useful fixtures.

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    best Idea ever? change Gem Quests from 5 to 50 pls and Rewards x10

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