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Thread: Skipping Quests

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    Skipping Quests

    I've been wanting there to be an option for you to be able to opt out of quests since I've had the problem that the quest I was given was that it is a quest that ask you to complete a three player dungeon and the problem is that I don't have very many friends who play the game and even fewer who would team up with me and I don't want to join up with random players as I have tried playing in random groups before and it didn't go very well due to lack of understanding, communication and general cooperation within the group so I would very much like to skip this quest and have it replaced with a quest I can actually complete.

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    I dont think that you are understanding what the quest is asking for you to do to complete it. All you need to do is ask in global or world chat for 2 players to join you at the quest dungeon. There are lots of players looking for the 3 trovian quest dungeon at this time. You do not need to have 2 friends, Nor do you need to make a group for this quest. (There are no groups in Trove) All it takes is about 10-30 seconds of your time to complete this.

    Alternatively, you could answer someone asking in global for the 3-trovian dungeon yourself.

    It's an event quest. it along with the rest of the quest line will go away next week. Just ignore it if that is what you want to do.

    Edit: Alternatively. Press I, Click events tab. uncheck the radio button for always show. That way you dont have to see the event quests showing up on your interface window.

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