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Thread: How to tell who is online in club?

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    How to tell who is online in club?

    Sorting club member list by last log in people that are online don't appear...

    If you sort by name and scroll down to a person online in club that just spoke in chat you see it say online but that doesn't help with hundreds of players in a club having to scroll through to see if any say online. There should be some way to filter out the offline people or sort it so that online people show up but I can't for the life of me find out how to do it...
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    That is indeed a problem that I have as well. It does not help that the online status is not up to date either. Often I see nobody listed as online, but many in my club are on my friends list where I do see them online. Trove seems to fetch the club members list every time the sorting gets changed. It would probably be good to have this done in the game client to have less burden on the server and resulting lag.

    Something I would like to see:
    The club member list should also show XP contribution if possible.
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    Unfortunately sorting by last login does not show online members at the top of the list. Here is the workaround. In chat, go to the club you want. For an example type /c1 then /chatlist. This will show you who are in the club chat. The people shown in the club chat are online.
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    While it's not 100% reliable, you can check who is in the chat channel for the club. In the club chat you can type /chatlist (you might have to type the channel name after chatlist, been a while)

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