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Additional Updates
  • Magic Find is now available on Crystal rarity bows.
  • New weapon styles dropped from the Starglint Pinata can be traded; due to technical limitations, all existing copies will remain untradable.
  • Added a previously missing portal to one of the 3-Star Dungeons.
  • Slightly adjusted the Light formula.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Golden Key button from properly appearing on a box.
  • New players will no longer be asked to unequip a lesser gem during the Gems Expertise Thread. Players who were on the removed steps will continue to have them available.
  • The Gems Expertise Thread now correctly directs players to the Builder's Crafting Bench.
  • Adjusted the text on some steps of the Gem Expertise and Crystal Combat Threads for clarity.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that occurred when deconstructing items with a full inventory.
  • The Dev Dream Ally Grim is no longer an expert witness and is now a seeker.
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