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Thread: Weird biome generation in club

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    Weird biome generation in club

    I'm not entirely sure whether this belongs here or in tech support, but I've laid out a bunch of peaceful fields biomes to just expand space so I can build over it, but then this happened...

    ...which at first I thought was just weird. It seemed like I could just build over the gaps. It turns out I can't, it seems like this tiny weird gap is considered "deep regret".

    And that sucks, 'cause I was starting to get some stuff done near there and now I might have to terraform it again to do anything here. Except...

    ...this is where I am on the map, so what zone would I even terraform if that's what I have to do to fix this? The zone I'm standing on, one of the zones in front of me? Does anyone know how this happened or if there's any fix or how to repair this? I'm at a loss.

    (Note that I actually placed these years ago, I only just came back to work on it more in this past week, so if this is a problem that only existed years ago it might still be that.)

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    I have asked Avarem long time ago about the same issue i had and he told me it's not fixable but you can try to reterraform it. Thats the only way.

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    I lost 10 hours of building cuz of that when you place water ones you need to go under water to see it when i reported they told you cant fix it only terreform it so before you build always look how it terraformed

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