September 18, 2018 23:31September 18, 2018 23:31 i sent ticket for a fixture bugged in my club
Edgy Universe I send Devs ALL INFO about it and i gonna resend it here
They have not fix it aftr 4months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Club world name (Edgy Universe) world id (6422409646265371293)
What basely happened
1-i went on build mode to place beacons of heroes
2-i opened club tab
3-upgrade my fixture while im on building mode to place fixture
4-placed fixture
5-fixture doesn't show at all
6-tried to remove it and place it 3-4times and still same
(and it not cus i need to look to old place where fixture was cus it first time i place it )
So it ever gonna get fix ?
or i need to wait century to get it fix ?