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Thread: PVP and Minigame Arenas !

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    PVP and Minigame Arenas !

    I sincerely would like to know about what happened to the PVP and Minigames Arenas tab that was here in the forum. If you've moved her somewhere, I'd like to know where they are! !

    I posted a very significant amount of arenas, both for minigames and PVP, and I believe in my work and I know the quality of the arenas I posted in the forum. I know of the feedback I had from them through the players and through the Trion Developers. There were also youtubers who showed me my work and everything, and after a while, I'd say about 3 to 4 months when I returned to see the feedback, there was no longer this tab in the forum, and all the space where I had divulged the work that I created for the gaming community had disappeared.

    I'm annoyed to know that a job I've been doing for months, was simply removed from the forum, and not only that, the PVP arenas I created for the game are currently unavailable for trove players to know, PVP mode no longer exists.

    I would like to know, if possible, if there is any place where I can contribute with arsenal creations to Bomb Royale mode, and I would also like to know if all the arenas I and others have created are still visible to the public in some area of forum.

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    hello Xandllu,

    I am very unsatisfied how they kicked out PvP for their Bomber royal too.
    I dont really understand what you did/made, and I do not know neither what they did on the forum.

    But I do remember a post from Scopettone which had made a topic to make a List of Arena :


    Hope it could help you


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    Perhaps the section was hidden for being pretty much dead? Personally I'm glad that pvp got changed, it was an absolute cancer fest before. That's nothing to do with how you feel with the maps. Though of course EU can't get a match for BR anymore so it doesn't seem to have been any more of a success.

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    Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch were the only reasons I still played Trove at the time. When they showed the Battle Royale clone on stream, I already knew they had just hit the nail on the pvp coffin.

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    I mean... To be completely honest... The old PvP was long dead by the time they removed it from the hub. So...

    Also, at least Bomber Royale gives you stuff without forcing you to play for half an hour per thing.

    This is replying to the last person.

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