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    Renewus – New Year Celebration!

    Happy New Year, Trovians!

    2019 is starting with a bang thanks to Renewus! This two-week long event celebrates the renewal that comes with the passage of time – plus, some very festive new wings: Confetti Jetties!

    Complete six new Adventures to ring in the New Year right! Plus, every several minutes a Renewus Ball will drop in the Hub that players can bounce around by attacking it.

    In addition to the new adventures and spectacular new wings we’re also jump starting 2019 with two weeks of Daily Login Rewards.

    Thanks for being part of our incredible community!

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    Could we get a list of each daily login rewards like in the pasts "events" please ?


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    Was done the event in 15 minutes. I'm glad we get 2 weeks of random items but the real quest line was over before i even read what as gong on.

    I hated the kill 300 of this random enemy stuff and found this one to easy.

    Might be time for a totally new quest type to revamp these things.

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    Yes, it's too bad the devs don't even listen to the playerbase, let alone even play the game. This 'event' just goes to enforce that I don't need to buy patron again....

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    The rewards for the is threaded quest were nice at least. As others said however, it was was very short (and kill XXX of a certain enemy is not a good alternative to add length).

    I have said this to others in game before, the best quest I have ever seen in this game was/is the Neon Nightsky wings one. The items needed to craft these give a vague description of where you should go to find them in a cryptic manner. You are then required to go gather those items after determining where to find them before you can craft the wings. The only thing missing from this is it actually adding an adventure to your list so you can track your progress and have something to refer to when you are not at the crafting bench.

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