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So I have made a few hints at the TroveGame twitter about a work in progress. Well, after 4 days -- it's done. It's a little building attached to a sky structure by a stairwell that seems to be "corrupted" by the shadowy look above it. I could do some reworking in certain areas to make the "corruption" more prevalent but I'll let you be the judge.

The tower stairwell from the outside.

The interior of the second floor, with stairs leading up into the well.

The lower third of the stairwell.

The middle third. This is where the "white and gray" stops and the "purple / neon blue" begins.

The upper third of the stairwell. The chaotic placement of the cubes is obvious.

I originally went for stairs, but I decided on using launchpads instead to access the skybox.

The skybox, in both its chaos and painstaking symmetry.

One last structure to the aerial box above the chaotic skybox, and you'll see...

...this is where I have my sky realm portal!

I only started tweeting out on the 13th of this month (March) but I just finished this morning (16th), and have started since late on the 11th -- so about 4 days' time. If you are curious and want to follow me on twitter, that would be @flakcanon. Build on!