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Thread: 8 majors bugs

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    8 majors bugs

    1. Crashes by taking shadow tower portals : when 2 players pass at the same time in a portal, it is systematic, one of the players will have to restart the game otherwise the loading does not work. If he waits, he will end up teleporting after 2 or 3 minutes to the hub of the game. Bug present since the beta.

    2. Many problems with the invitations. Approximatively, only one invitation on 3 will work. Either the invitation simply does not work, or it says that the player can not be reached. But by insisting, it ends up working. Problem present since the beta.

    3. A text display bug. I dont know under which conditions this bug is showing but sometimes, text windows like panels or quests remain on a fixed plane. Basically, if we face the plan, we can read the text, on the sides we do not see it anymore and behind it is upside down. Problem present since the Geode update.

    4. Big problem with the sale of credit pounch. Currently, a player who buys credit pounch can not sell them in a batch. He can not sell them individually without a manipulation known from a small part of the community. He has to separate the credits pounch one by one in his inventory to succeed in selling them. Due to this bug, the credit pounch are expensive for the players who buy those with flux. And a new player, wanting to buy credit pounch to make the flux, can not sell them and decide not to buy any more. Bug appeared to the heroes update.

    5. Problems of respawn in club worlds. When we take a portal from the hub, the real point of appearance of the club will no longer work for the player who took the portal. Players will appear behind the rally of heroes. Being the leader of a club, I tried many things to make disappear this bug but nothing worked. Bug very often reported on the forum by many players but no action has been taken. Bug present since the club update a year ago. Please stop ignoring us.

    6. Annoying problem with the personal chest if you leave it too soon after opening. The screen will become dark and it will not be possible to open this box.

    7. The game crash during the introduction cinematic, just before accessing the main menu. It crashes once on 2 when you press the A key to skip it and it crash systematically when you do not pass the cutscene. This bug has been around for a long time.

    8. When you want to write a message in game, the Xbox virtual keyboard is displayed. If you write with the controller it works, if you write with a real keyboard, the message will not be sent on the game. To write with a keyboard on the game, you must remove the virtual keyboard and then type the message directly with the keyboard on the game. This bug appeared quite recently.

    All of theses are the majors bugs, please try to fix all of them. Thanks.

    Thimilee , trovian since 2 years on xbox.

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    Don't forget the current major bugs since the Snowfest 2018 update:
    1 Numerous Hero spawn points for several clubs are now broken and cant spawn new heroes
    2 Some clubs are no longer accessible for anyone via any method (club menu, /joinworld command, or liked worlds).

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