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Thread: Geode Caves Tier 3

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    Geode Caves Tier 3

    Any advice for mining in the Geode Caves (as in not Topside)? I find mining the materials and stuff in level 3 caves really annoying because of all of the flowers, especially when I need to use my boots to reach high up material.

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    When you're moving, the flowers attempt to shoot where you will be, not where you are; as a result, you can constantly move slightly side-to-side while mining and the flowers will usually miss completely.

    You can also throw Prospecting Platforms from the Crystallogy Bench onto them, but that doesn't work as well in higher tiers.

    Look for Blastflowers that you can push towards a flower using your Climbing Claw too.

    If none of that works well enough, start levelling up your Barrier Generator and keep that up while you mine.
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    The turret flowers are atrocious. They're not too hard to kite, (like Spirare said, moving side to side works) but their range is ridiculous. I've had plants shooting at me even when I'm well into the next room. The plants' fire also drains your G.A.S. as well as Energy, so they can really take a large chunk of time out of a run between the aoe itself and wasted time dodging/waiting for fire patches to evaporate. That's why I maxed the Path Painter asap, being constantly invisible to them while mining takes so much stress off your back. you can really speed through the rest of the upgrades with the boosted efficiency.
    Also, using the bomb plants to blow up the turret plants is rare, but very satisfying. I tend to do it even if I know I'll never come back that way. I feel they should drop a special item or something for that.

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