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Thread: Latency issues

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    Latency issues

    Aside from a few small issues, I'd say the Crystal Combat update has been pretty well received. I'll leave discussion for it to another thread, as there are plenty.

    I'm here to talk about server stability, again.

    Server stability is garbage. U10 is slowly becoming a slideshow. If I was anywhere but home (since I'm usually playing from a hotel), I'd not have posted this. It is extremely noticeable the last few days and especially today.

    Please do something.

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    Senior Member fruitie's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    They didn't sort out u9 issues, now with a smaller dev team it's even less likely to be sorted out. Though we may still get told that they're "working on it"...

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    The EU servers sometimes dont let you log in for some reason and it takes up to 25 minutes to let you in.. i played through a whole league game in that time, and couldnt log in after that haha

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