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    There could be a way to craft c3 items. Or a quest that ask to kill 400 bosses.

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    People are confusing difficulty with luck. It is not hard to get c3 gear. Kill 1 enemy in uber 10 and boom a c3 can appear (not for me or 99% of people, but it happens). That is not hard, it is entirely luck. If anyone who had ever farmed dragon fragments (or failed to get dragon fragments can tell you) the drop rates are random. If I farm 100 or 100,000 dungeons, it doesn't matter; all that matters is the roll on my loot. If I roll a low number, I get crystal 1. The chances of me getting it on my next drop are the same as the first, which is where the issue is. Most games of this type have an internal karma bar that counts how many times you have rolled for loot and not receive a high tier drop; if the number reached a certain number you are guaranteed a good drop. Trove does not have this type of internal karma bar. The low drop rate stays constant, so while statistically the average drop rate may be 1 out of 200, some people get 190+ rare drops out of 200 and some people get 1 rare out of 200,000 drops.

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