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    Try placing your rally of heroes on a small plot all by itself with no other plots within render distance. I suspect that lag is playing a roll in the heroes becoming broken. Mine broke after I started putting major buildings all around it but never a an issue prior. Now my other club I haven’t done anything to it and have yet to see the rally of heroes break.

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    Figure out a fix

    We were able to remove the broken heroes from our rally by scrolling over to the invisible remove button where the hero should be and spamming A. It does cost us cubits but now all of our heroes slots are working again. Hope that helps someone else

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    My club has the same issue. I press X on the plates but nothing happens. I tried to remove the fixture but it says there are still heroes even though all slots are empty.

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    I had this issue before as well as I said earlier in this post. I ended up just submitting a ticket and they got it resolved within a day. Now all the spots work again so try that if you are still having issues.

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    If you need some help to fix this bug, send me a message on xbox (thimilee) and i will help when im available. Its fast and easy to fix it .

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    It's absolutely the best thing to submit a ticket right away when an issue arises in game. Only the support team can go through and fix these situations for you. In general it requires moving the fixtures around so the Club World knows exactly where everything is supposed to be.

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