Hello! I've come back to share the miscellaneous mods that I have made that don't fit into any real category with one another.

The Breakout Scientist!

Forgan Greeman, a scientist at the White Dune Research facility, found himself in a bit of peril when an experiment went awry. He awoke to find himself somewhere... different. Just your average scientist, plunged into an uncertain, blocky realm.

Sad about your favorite revolutionary franchise coming to a halt because of a dysfunctional company that wants to make card games? Want to see more cutting-edge graphics supplementing an immersive and deep story with an engine that revolutionizes the gaming world?

Too bad-- you're getting a Trove mod instead.

Replaces the level 10 Boomeranger costume with a familar figure. Also replaces the Neon Dragoncrown hat style to become Gordon's Hair. Abilities and VFX untouched. Enjoy throwing boomerangs as totally not Gordon Freeman. Crowbar not included.
The Trovesaurus Link!

The Clubit Crusader!

You see those warriors at the Clubit base? They've got curved swords. Curved. Swords.

The clubit characters in the Hub are fairly unique-- we know nothing about them, and they have a style that's all their own. Are they traders? Politicians? Sandwich designers? No matter what they really are, you can parade about in a cloak that you stole from one particularly intoxicated one.
(Sidenote: I made the sword before I realized it already existed in-game. Whoops.)
Replaces the Radiant Corona hat style into the Veiled Hand hat style. Replaces the Burnished Bokken melee style into the Clubit Crusader sword. Replaces the Knight's Starter costume.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Uberman Reborn!

"Is it a Ganda? Is it a plane?"

"No, it's UBERMAN!"

"Don't we already have Uberman?"

"Don't you already have a bald spot? Shut up, David."

The Gunslinger's Uberman costume and the Uberman-styled in-game items give credence to being inspired by a hero. Since the Gunslinger's frame doesn't suit this ideal, the Vanguardian seemed the safest bet.
Replaces the Level 20 Vanguardian costume. Replaces the Knuckle Knife fist style. Replaces the Golden Hoard Dragoncrown Style.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Pyromantic Pixie!

To survive is to have your fire inside burn brighter than the fire around you.

Fae aren't exactly intimidating by themselves. They're small and their trickery involves a lot of evasion. Luckily, flying things are scary, and burning things are scary-- with a scary mask, it's three-times the scary!
Replaces: Level 10 Fae Trickster Costume, the Everyday Staff weapon style, and the Slope Slider hat style.

The Trovesaurus Link!

The Lambent Lamister!

Awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp, shock?

We've no executors, but we do have executables. Files.

You get the joke.

Replaces the basic Ice Crash's icicle, and the Level 10 Costume for the Ice Sage. Also replaces the Shadome hat style.

The Trovesaurus Link!

Thank you all for looking at my mods, it's something I enjoy doing passively.