But instead we have this.

1 pearls of wisdom was an incredibly smart move for letting people to be able to earn 4k (lower) flux despite obtaining 100s of stellar gears with plentiful amount of pearls in them to be lootcollcected and sold off.

1 Bound Brilliance as a rare is very suitable for players to grind more elemental dusts or throw away dragonite fragments for little amount of gem stat boosting, rather than obtaining the completed bronze/silver gem augment from the top geodian (which could of encourage players to grind u10 non stop).

*pishh... apparently the greater geodian caches drop 1 pearl of wisdom as well! Great value for your money right *

Overall this update feels like another Mantle of Power update where you dont play for week just to get weekly empowered gemboxes to have a Chance of getting best cosmic gems you're looking for.

Enjoy playing fellas