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    Customer Support Delay Notice

    Dear players,

    Due to the recent transition to the gamigo structure and the approach of the holiday season, the customer support is currently operating at a slower pace. For the time being, please submit your tickets for new issues on the Trion Worlds support page as the gamigo support page does not have the ticket queues for your game. While all tickets will be handled in time, we ask for your continued patience as we work through the backlog. Here are some options to explore while you wait for a response to your ticket:
    • Please visit our forums first, as you might find the answer for the issue you are experiencing without needing to send a ticket.[/*]

    • Do not send multiple tickets for the same issue, since it creates an unnecessary number of tickets and will further delay the response to your tickets and the other players in the queue.[/*]

    • Please be careful with the game and language you select. Sending a ticket to the wrong game/language queue will increase response time as our team will need to send your ticket to the proper queue.
      If you speak multiple languages, please do not send tickets regarding the same issue to different language queues, as it will also increase response time. One ticket, using the language you are the most comfortable with, is enough.[/*]

    • Do not reply to your ticket/bump the ticket if you did not receive an answer from us as it will only send your ticket back to the end of the queue, thus delaying our response.[/*]

    Please follow these guidelines and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding,

    Your gamigo customer support team

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    This should be first on your list of things to do.
    Sorry we are to busy is not a professional posting to this issue and scares me as it's something the old team would do.

    Proper post.

    Today we have 10 Csr responding to 5000 current tickets.
    Our Csr manager is interviewing 10 more Csr this week.
    We are on goal to having only 3000 tickets by weeks end and with the current additions to our team we will be caught up and replying to tickets within 24 hours 3 weeks from now.

    If this changes please look here for updates.

    Not... We busy..we go on holiday...you wait...

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