New Player Login Rewards
  • Receive a special reward with every log in, culminating in a Golden Chaos Chest on the 7th day. (This does not repeat.)
  • Patrons will receive an extra Flux bonus every day.

  • Merchants will now allow items that unlock collections to be purchased multiple times if they are tradable, but only once if they are non-tradable.
  • Jerhyn the Radiant Vanguard just got back from the vet with a shiny new lower beak!
  • The Dragon Ogres and Terracotta elites should now properly drop loot in the Forbidden Spires.
  • The Racing Raptor (and all tradable rares) should now be completely removed from Chaos Chests as intended. If you get a Racing Raptor let us know ASAP as it likely means a parallel universe has bled over into our own. What is the record for longest Trove patch note? I bet it's this one. Way to be, team!