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Thread: Small but Annoying bug: Opulent Dragon Egg Fragments

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    Question Small but Annoying bug: Opulent Dragon Egg Fragments

    So I was thinking of farming for another dragon after getting Wyntegra and thought of grinding for Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments , the wiki says that now you get Opulent egg fragments from killing the mobs in the Jurassic Jungle, but after an hour of killing, I realise I got 2 Normal Preserver Egg Fragments .

    Is this a bug or Intended? The dragon needs 100 egg fragments so I’m not gonna spend months to just get it

    Time: Saturday, 16/12/2018, 5:34 PM GMT
    I’m lvl 28 shadow hunter and was expecting to get Opulent Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments.
    But Instead, I got just the regular Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment

    Tl;Dr Was grinding for Opulent Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments by killing stuff in Jurassic Jungle, Got normal Preserver fragments instead

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    It used to take 5 frags to make the dragon. When they switch it over to 100 frags, any old frags you already had became opulent. They are not something you can get.

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    Yup. it was a retroactive change, and those Opulent frags were only able to be deconstructed into 20 normal frags. It was a measure implemented to balance the change.

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    Ah ok, so I need to farm for 100 fragments then. Thanks for the reply!

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    Where does the wiki say that?

    Maybe you were looking at the Opulent Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment page, where it says they "replaced previously existing Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments"? That actually means that any fragments that were obtained before the Geode update were transformed into Opulent fragments, and all new fragments obtained are non-opulent.
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