Additional Updates
  • Crystalline Cores now enter the world primarily from beating the timer in 5-star dungeons.
    Their drop rates and the cost of upgrades have been adjusted:
    • Beating the 5-star dungeon timer can now grant a gold, silver, or bronze reward depending on how much time is remaining.
    • A Gold reward can be received once a day, and grants 8 Crystalline Cores.
    • A Silver reward can be received twice a day, and grants 3 Crystalline Cores.
    • A Bronze reward can be received endlessly, and grants 1 Crystalline Core.
    • Players can check the number of rewards remaining that day by using /adventurerewards.
    • Lesser Geode Surface Caches still exist, but will now drop randomly from 5-star dungeon NPCs (more common as uber level goes up).
    • The Crystalline Core Compendium now grants 50 per week. Note: Crafting costs for items which require or produce crystalline cores (except where mentioned above) and forge fragments have not yet been updated, but will be soon.
  • The amount of cosmic gem dust obtained from loot collecting Crystal gear has been reduced. For Crystal 2 and 3 gear, the amount of Forge Fragments obtained from loot collecting has been increased.
  • Contained Chaos Flares now transfer other augments along with them.
  • The Light curve has been adjusted slightly - players at minimal or maximal values of Light may notice a damage difference.
  • Fixed haptic feedback on controllers when the player runs out of jumps. Also removed haptic feedback from occurring when a challenge is about to end.