Image search is the ability to search on a term and find images related to what you typed and know the information and other details.

Two days spent trying to find the name and/or more images of the crazy looking tuxedo cat (that looks like a psychotic dog). No luck with all that googling then it occurred to me to do a reverse image search (which I’d never done before). Spent a couple hours learning how to do it and patiently installing numerous iPad apps one at a time then uninstalling them before trying the next. Either I was unable to figure out how to use these apps or they simply didn’t do what they claimed. I installed this one, opened it and the basic icons were easy enough for even someone as “technologically challenged” like myself to understand. I clicked the photo one, selected my photo and INSTANTANEOUSLY found out his name is Atchoum (and he is indeed a cat, not a dog). I was provided many website links and dozens of images! I am WOWED!!!