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Thread: Some Suggestions for Crystal Gear

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    Some Suggestions for Crystal Gear

    The new crystal gear rarity is cool and all, but we should have the ability to upgrade it's level (like from crystal level 1 to 2 for example) once we max out the stars on it. Considering the very low drop rates of crystal level 2 and 3, this can make progression through the Geode topside a very slow and annoyingly rng-based endeavor if left the way it is now. If they want upgrading the gear to be still very grind-heavy, they could introduce crystal souls, or just have a very large material requirement for the level increase, akin to what we already have going on for Shadow rarity. Alternatively, they could just increase the drop rates of level 2 and 3 Crystal Gear. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who feels this way, so some additional feedback on this would be appreciated.

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    The 4~6 hours between crystal 3 drops at max mf without patron is concerning, especially without it being tradable. Sure, load up our alt classes with gear as we hunt for gems but we'll have to play as those alt classes to get the C2&3 weapons.

    @Fasti where's our response to the relationsip of crystal drops and [magic find] patron status?

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    Whereas I agree that grinding U10 for Crystal 3 items is a little bit annoying, I think that making it so that you can upgrade crystal items' rarity would detract from what's intended with U10. I'm assuming that one of the reasons why crystal rarity items can't be upgraded to the next rarity to begin with is so that players have to use all types of classes, instead of just passively kitting them out like what's been happening on live.
    If they made it so that you *had* to farm materials exclusive to U9 and U10 to upgrade to crystal items to 2 and 3 respectively, it might be possible to balance it properly. Yet I still feel that a mechanic like that would give an incentive to spec one class out for farming U10, and players would get all the materials they need for all the classes, and thus would likely not play U10 with all the different weapon types.
    If there were a way to tailor it so that each weapon type of crystal rarity required a resource that only dropped when farming with a class that can use that weapon, I could see upgrading crystal items' rarity as a bit more reasonable.
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