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Thread: U10 2019 huge issue for ps4 trove.

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    I hope they do fix the K-10, at least to the extent of making it so the platforms can't be bombed, and npc's kidnapped. Just thinking that was not the intention for the quest.

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    K10 has brought a generation of players with empty pockets and bad gems to the mid game.
    All the items , mastery and knowledge you got from grinding your toons up is lost.
    They can't get it back unless they p2w the lots resources.

    I see the same group of k10 guys standing around the club hub waiting for their invite at boss.
    These are the guys who have 0 BD,0 BB, 2 dragons and complain everything cost to much.

    They have no knowledge of how much you get by grinding out U,s and being the person who clears to boss.
    The end game old way of playing players are getting further and further away from the k10 group.

    But what can we do?
    Hope geode 2 and when gardening update hits they can catch up?

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