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Thread: Trove Livestream Notes 07/12/2018

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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 07/12/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Tonight's stream features Fasti and Meowser giving us a glimpse of some of the PTS content and upcoming event ideas.

    Meowser will be taking over the event creation aspects in the future.

    New tech was mentioned that allows the team to be able to do grants of items in game. Not for things like asking a developer to give you a ganda...
    Can be used for a variety of reasons like testing on the PTS. Other reasons are to be revealed later.

    New gems thread on the golden thread which is available at level 10 on any character to teach the basics of gems.
    Gem boxes names have been renamed to their world names.
    Mount taming bench added to the builders crafting bench which as the name suggests will be where all the craftable mounts making its original bench bit tidier.

    Future eventsRenewus event hub was briefly shown with an invasion type effect which drops 1 Renewus ball for people to just have a bit of fun with. The idea was based off of the new years ball drop. The ball would last for 10 minutes with only one being up at a time. The "invasion" effect that drops it is every 3 minutes or so in the hub.

    Snowfest event to come out within the next 2-3 weeks or so.

    February event/Valentines was mentioned to be reworked into a groundhog day themed event with Diggsly being the star and the hope of helping him find his lost shadow.
    Moving away from the hellbugs in love to mix things up.

    March event/St Qubeslick was mentioned to involve some gardening featuring a well known plant.

    April event/Mount parade was mentioned to make mounts that require talismans more accessible via farming.

    Questions and Answers Session:

    When is the release of U10?
    We have no answer for this yet right now . Currently it is active via PTS for all to test out. Consoles version will be coming later on early next year.

    Will U10 release in 2019?
    We hope to get it out this year but if it slips to January, we will let you know. It will hit consoles in 2019 though.

    Tomb raiser rework?
    Stated that a mention of reworks was discussed but no info on what the next would be but will followup and try to get some info out on if tomb raiser is one. Probably not the top priority at the moment.

    Will the new primordial dragon come with U10?
    Not with the crystal combat update.

    As a community manager are you responsible for customer happiness as well? If so please fix server lag.
    Its not my skillset to fix server lag. We work to address it periodically with our updates. When you have a lot of people in one place it can cause lag and latency issues and we do our best to address that. With regards to the players. I don't think of people as customers. I am responsible for giving direct communication between the players and the developer team. I will bring up the issue again but it isn't something the dev team lack familiarity with. We work to try not to exacerbate the lag when adding new things in also.

    Will the winter packs be available again?

    Cant give a specific answer however if you think about the past, we have brought older things back.

    Please can geode mastery give 2 light per level?
    Interesting feedback, we can look into it but no promises?

    Will there be an all bonuses week again?
    The way we changed the previous ones makes it not valid anymore. The tech to do it is different now. We made the changes for a specific reason and having it all happen at once again is unlikely.

    Any possibility of adding an emblem that temporarily gives light?
    Nice idea, we can look into if that's an idea that has been looked into or potential for the future.

    Will you add a dragon that gives critical hit for those missing just a small amount to get 100%?
    You can get 100% in many ways but I mean we can look at it.

    Is the crystal drop rate dependent on magic find?
    As always magic find does assist with drops, more magic find does mean more crystals.
    *We will follow this up as another developer has said otherwise*

    Will you add more flora and fauna to the geode surface?

    Its possible but we have no significant plans to major revamp the caves.

    As per usual, if you are playing via the PTS, the feedback is greatly appreciated however please keep it constructive. Mean feedback doesn't help, so keep it realistic, constructive and away from a wall of negative text.
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    Much thanks as always.

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    Thanks again

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    Thanks for the patch notes shiro!

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    Thanks Shiro!

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    Thank You Shiro!

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    Tomb raiser rework?
    Stated that a mention of reworks was discussed but no info on what the next would be but will followup and try to get some info out on if tomb raiser is one. Probably not the top priority at the moment.



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    Still nothing on the Tomb Raiser rework? Shame. Guess I'll still be hiding until that happens.

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