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Thread: I have bought a dragon Pack...how to use?

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    I have bought a dragon Pack...how to use?

    I bought a Dragon pack for my son...
    Now i have 2 dragon eggs.
    But how do i use these eggs to get my dragon?
    I have no idea...
    At the Drachentiegel Dragonwhatelse i have an unused Dragonegg, but trove tells me i have not enough materials...
    I didn´t bought expensive dragons to grind for materials...
    Any help will be useful...

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    Actually, if you read the description of the package you purchased, it would explain all this for you. You purchased two Eggs. You then take those eggs to the dragon crucible in the hub and along with the other required materials that are shown, craft your dragon.

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    Es gibt normale und goldene Dracheneier . Bei den normalen braucht man noch ca 300 Drachenmünzen, Material und noch Flux zum bauen. Bei den Goldene reicht das Ei aus ( 1x auf das Ei klicken und man hat den Drachen)

    Diese Goldene Eier können aber mehrere Millionen kosten ( je nach Drache) . Du musst halt die Sachen dafür zusammenbekommen .Das steht doch da wenn man sich den Drachentiegel anschaut

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    I agree.
    The wording on this pack is not new person friendly.

    You need to understand golden eggs vs dormant eggs to know your not buying dragon's.

    The pack should be called dormant egg pack.

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